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Use this nomination form for our inaugural 50 OVER 50 NE awards. Candidates will be judged on both professional accomplishments and involvement with civic organizations/activities.


We are accepting nominations in five (5) categories: 

  • Nonprofit: This award category will honor individuals who are working to strengthen the nonprofit field including educational institutions.

  • Innovation: This award category will honor individuals who see opportunity where others don't, break down walls, challenge the status quo, and bring about positive changes to all.

  • Business: This award category will honor professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, & community leaders who are participating and growing Nebraska's economy.

  • Community: This award category will honor individuals working to make their community stronger through volunteering, serving in public offices, & leaders of impactful movements.

  • Healthcare: This award category will honor our healthcare professionals. The COVID-19 pandemic brought our healthcare system to its limits but our healthcare workers were at the forefront fighting to save lives in the community.

Fifty (50) of the nominees will be honored with the 50 OVER 50 NE Awards.  This year, due to extraordinary circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic, we will grant 10 additional awards to exceptional nominees that are age 40 and above, but under age 50.

Nominees must meet the age requirements as of August 31st, 2021, and be established professionals/business owners/ leaders/etc. with a strong track record and outstanding performance in their fields. The judges will score the nominees based upon how inspiring their accomplishments are, and the remarkable impact they have on their community.

Nominations are COMPLETELY FREE and must be received by midnight on Saturday, July 19, 2021.

A manual nomination form is available here. If you have difficulty submitting attachments due to file size limitations, please submit them directly to info@50over50ne.com

Who are we?

Our 2020 Impact Report from right here in Lincoln, NE

Why 50 OVER 50 NE Awards?


Congratulations on your nomination! We reached out in order to finish building your profile for the judging process. The form below is smart and will adapt to the information needed to complete your profile once you select "Nomination Letter" in the first response. Feel free to email us or call us if you have any questions.

Email: info@50over50ne.com                                                      Phone: (531) 210-8434

Your health and safety are a priority to us. We are following the COVID-19 pandemic situation closely. As we enter the summer and more COVID-19 vaccines get administered, we hope that the guidelines for social gatherings would be more favorable for an in-person event. We will make an announcement in the event we determine that the Awards Ceremony should be moved to a virtual platform due to the pandemic. 

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