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The Bloc Raises over a ¼ million dollars for COVID-19 Response & Recovery.

Updated: Aug 3, 2020


Lincoln, NE, July 28, 2020 – The Bloc, a Nebraska nonprofit organization, successfully raised over a ¼ million dollars through a series of grants in July 2020. The grants were endowed by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services to implement The Bloc’s COVID-19 Response and Recovery Project.

The goal of the project is to provide COVID-19 Relief to members of the community that are in need. The funds will be allocated to Programs, which will pursue the provision of meals, protective face masks, and professional mental healthcare assistance in Nebraska. The project will be headed by The Bloc’s CEO, Philipe Bruce, and Dina Becirovic, The Bloc’s COO. The Bloc is partnering with local organizations, volunteers, and outside consultants for the successful implementation of the programs.

“These awards will assist The Bloc in reaching its mission, and vision of positively impacting the lives of many people in the community. On behalf of everyone at The Bloc, I extend our sincere gratitude to the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services for entrusting us with the funding to better serve our community.” - Philipe Bruce

Here at THE BLOC, we empower communities to change the quality of life of all community members. We know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is a little support. Since our founding, we have been determined to make an impact. The core of our efforts is to bring our team’s fresh ideas and passion for the range of activities we’re involved in. Through all of our endeavors, we hope to display the conviction behind our beliefs.

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